Kim Kardashian Tells Complex She's a Shy Organization Freak

Posted on March 24, 2009

Kim Kardashian covers the April issue of Marc Ecko's Complex magazine. Complex takes claim for launching her into the "celebrity stratosphere" two years ago and says that now Kim has returned to "save them." In the interview she talks about being an organization freak. She also says she is shy, which is hard to believe.

About her organizing compulsion Kim says, "I love to make little scrapbooks and little collages and organize. I'm an organization freak, so if I'm at home, it's that. When I'm traveling, I can't let all my stuff get out of order. I love to sit around and make cards and collages for my friends of trips we've taken. I have a whole bunch of photo albums that aren't used, and I print."

Kim says she really is "a lot more shy" than people think. She says this become apparent when she was on Dancing With the Stars. Kim tells Complex, "That was the first time I wasn't with my sisters; I film my reality show at home with my family. It really couldn't be a more comfortable environment. And so when I was thrown into this world of performing and just being me-you see it on the show and my sisters say it every day-I'm so boring! I'm just not outspoken like they are."

You can read Kim's Complex interview here.

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