Lacoste Flags Polo Shirts and Accessories

Updated June 30, 2022, originally posted on June 23, 2012

Just in time for the 2012 Olympics, Lacoste has launched a new limited collection called the "Flag Capsule Collection." The collection features polo shirts and PVC tote bags.

The coolest item in the collection is a new polo shirt covered in flags. It is called The Short Sleeve Pique International Flags Polo. It retails for $225. You can see the amazing shirt on Il Messaggero.

Lacoste also has shirts which feature the flag of a single country, including shirts for the United States, Italy, UK, France, China, Brazil, Canada, Japan and more.

Forbes reports that the collection will be available through the summer. We hope the awesome flag covered polo shirt returns one day.

Related: Lacoste launched a French Sport Spirit collection with the colors of the French flag in 2017.

There's also Men's American Flag Croco Slides available for 2022 for $55.

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