Lego Launches Villa Savoye Lego Set

Posted on September 21, 2012

Lego has added the Lego 21015 Villa Savoye set to its Lego Architecture series. The set is based on the Villa Savoye developed by Le Corbusier in the 1920s. The Lego set was developed through a cooperation with German architect, Michael Hepp, and the Lego Group's Steen Sig Andersen.

Hepp said in a statement, "Le Corbusier has always been an inspiration to me. His architecture is harmonious, well balanced and coherent. One of the great examples of this work - and one of my favorites - is Villa Savoye. It is closed and seemingly impregnable from the exterior, open and organic from the interior. The biggest challenges working with this LEGO model construction were the pillars and complex roof design. When attempting to construct the roof elements, I was amazed yet again by Le Corbusier's art. Nothing is coincidental and every change in his design principals led to imbalance and disharmony."

The Lego set costs $69.99 and can be found here in the Lego online store.

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