Levi's Body Scans Shoppers With Intellifit System

Posted on March 21, 2005

Intellifit Electronic Body Scanner Levi's is testing the new Intellifit System electronic body scanner in five of its stores this spring. To get measurements with the Intellifit a person steps fully clothed into a cylindrical glass booth which is slightly larger than a dressing room. The Intellifit System then uses radio waves to scan the person in approximately 10 seconds. During the scan Intellifit records over 200,000 different data points of where that person is standing. Intellifit then electronically measures the 'point-cloud', producing a file of dozens of body measurements. Intellifit then prints out recommended sizes and styles of Levi's jeans cross referenced with the person's measurements. Levi's says they are the first denim brand to test the new scanner.

The Intellifit has obvious uses for online shopping such as quickly matching a person's scanned measurements to available clothing to recommend the correct size. Intellifit claims its measurements are accurate to 1/4 inch. If you want to check out the Intellifit in person here are the stores Levi's is testing the body scanner in through May 2005:

  • New York City: The Levi's Store, SoHo; March 15-21
  • Chicago: The Levi's Store, Michigan Avenue; April 5-11
  • Dallas: The Levi's Store, Dallas Galleria; April 19-25
  • Los Angeles: The Levi's Store, Santa Monica; May 3-6
  • San Francisco: The Levi's Store, Union Square; May 17-23