Martha Stewart Guest Judges The Next Food Network Star

Posted on June 11, 2008

Our beloved Martha Stewart is coming to The Next Food Network Star! This week, the eight remaining finalists must each create a fabulous dish using a russet potato. Then they have to invent an original food product, which will be critiqued by 50 food buyers and by surprise (well, not anymore) guest Martha Stewart. This all goes down on The Food Network on Sunday, June 15th at 10pm ET/PT.

After Nipa Bhatt's total meltdown last week, we're thinking her chances are getting slimmer by the week. Kevin Roberts (the guy that kind of looks like Joey on Friends) got eliminated last week. So that leaves: Nipa, Jennifer Cochrane (Woonsocket, RI), Lisa Garza (Dallas, TX), Adam Gertler (Philadelphia, PA), Shane Lyons (Colorado Springs, CO), Aaron McCargo Jr. (Camden, NJ), Kelsey Nixon (North Ogden, UT) and Jeffrey Vaden (White Plains, NY). Right now we think Aaron has a really good shot: he can really cook (both Iron Chef judges loved his food) and he does have a personality that works. Lisa (the one that kind of looks like Sandra Bullock) is a dark horse. Bobby Flay said she overdressed her salad, which is horrifying. But she's always a bit overdressed, so it kind of goes with the territory.

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