New Coke Vending Machines Will Offer Video and Sound

Posted on March 31, 2009

Reuters reports that Simon malls in the southeastern U.S. will be the first to test new interactive touch screen coke vending machines.

The new machines, which feature a touch screen, will be tested this spring in select Simon malls in the southeastern U.S.

Coca-Cola and Simon will also test several interactive promotions with the machines, which will accept Simon gift cards.

"The new machines incorporate sight, sound and motion video to take the vending experience from transaction to true interaction," said Anthony Phillips, global brand manager at Coke

Video and a touch screen is one thing but sound could be very annoying to all the other people in the store. Other shoppers may not want to hear what the coke machine has to say.

There's larger photos of the new coke vending machine here. Here's a video of the machine. It doesn't sound too loud in the video at least.

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