Nicki Minaj Launches Pink Friday Nails

Posted on March 23, 2024

Rapper Nicki Minaj has launched a press-on nail brand named Pink Friday Nails. She hired her nail designer, Yvett G, to design the brand's product and oversee production.

Nicki Minaj says in the announcement, "When I became a mom, I couldn't spend as much time getting my nails done as when I only had to worry about me, so it became a necessity to create fly, quality press-on nails. I told my team when we started Pink Friday Nails that if I don't want to wear them, I'm not going to even attempt to sell them because our customers aren't stupid. Pink Friday Nails are the actual nails I wear designed by my actual nail tech. And I have very small nail beds, so normally press-ons are way too big and don't hit the same. Our nails come from short to the longest length I wear, in ALL shapes, all sizes, and polishes."

Some of the styles are named almond, coffin, square and stiletto. Shoppers can also shop by length.

The styles shown here are Moment 4 Mattes, Queen's Ransom and On My Tippies.

The nail collection can be shopped at The nails have an average price range of $19.99 - $24.99. Pink Friday Nails is billed as "luxurious press-ons by the Queen."

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