Procter & Gamble Launches Scope Bacon Mouthwash

Posted on April 1, 2013

Procter & Gamble has announced the launch of Scope Bacon Mouthwash. The company says it "kills 99.9% of bad breath germs with 100% bacon taste."

The Scope Bacon Mouthwash website has a FAQ that says the product does not give you bacon breath. The site says, "Scope Bacon just tastes like bacon while you swish, but leaves your breath smelling minty fresh 5 times longer than brushing alone."

This certainly smells like an April 1st prank, but the video was uploaded to Scope's YouTube page several days before April 1st. The Huffington Post inquired as to whether or not this is a fake product. A Procter & Gamble representative responded with the following answer: "I hope not ... P&G and went through a whole lot of trouble if it is."

CNBC could not get a straight answer out of P&G either.

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