Build-A-Bear Launches Keegan's Wish Frog

Posted on August 14, 2022

Build-A-Bear Keegan's Wish Frog

Build-A-Bear is carrying a new plush frog toy called the Keegan's Wish Frog. The frog was designed by Keegan, an 18-year-old wish kid whose wish was to partner with the company to raise awareness for liver cancer.

Build-A-Bear hosted a Make-A-Wish event for Keegan earlier this year. Keegan was trained with Bear Builder Training and worked with a senior product designer. He designed the frog with emerald green fur to match the liver cancer ribbon and a yellow belly and eyes to represent the jaundice many liver cancer patients experience. The frog has a green liver cancer awareness ribbon on its left paw pad and dark green "liver spots" along its back.<;p>

Keegan said in a statement, "I wanted something that you can physically have in your hand and that people can relate to my situation but also can enjoy for themselves."

Build-A-Bear Workshop President and CEO Sharon Price John says, "We were so honored when we learned about Keegan's wish to design a special furry friend with Build-A-Bear. To be a part of someone's wish in such a significant and meaningful way meant so much to our entire team. Keegan's designs were so creative and inspiring and spot-on in terms of what our Guests love. As a Build-A-Bear fan, Keegan knew that frogs are always a favorite, and I know Keegan's Wish Frog will be a beloved addition to many collections! It was an honor to have him join the Build-A-Bear family.

Keegan's Wish Frog (pictured above) is adorable. The plush frog is an online exclusive. Keegan's Frog and other frogs (including Spring Green Frog and Spring Pink Frog Frog) can be found at

Image: Build-A-Bear

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