Jazz Up Your Crocs With Jibbitz

Posted on August 3, 2006

Housewife Sheri Schmelzer and her 3 children loved their Crocs. So they decided to start decorating the rubber shoes with handmade snap-on accessories which fit into the little holes on the shoes. Their snap-ons were so popular that they founded a family business based in Boulder, Colorado called Jibbitz, which sells the snap-on accessories, as well as stickers, bracelets and straps. The snap-ons are bright and fun, and really spice up Crocs.

Jibbitz come in different shapes and sizes. Some of the designs include sports gear, patriotic symbols, animals, happy faces, flowers, letters and inspirational messages. There are also holiday themed Jibbitz if you want to make your Crocs festive and seasonal. Jibbitz can be purchased individually.

Sheri Schmelzer, creator of Jibbitz, said in a statement, "We couldn't be happier with Jibbitz acceptance amongst consumers. We have always wanted a creative, self sustaining business that could give back to the community through the creation of jobs in Colorado and abroad. With 40 employees and the ongoing popularity of Crocs(R) we can only expect Jibbitz to continue to have positive growth in the next year."

Update: Jibbitz are now owned by the Crocs company. Crocs currently offers over 300 Jibbitz shoe charms in a variety of shapes, styles and chracters. You can find them all on Crocs.com.

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