Lego Announces Lego Nexo Knights Property

Posted on October 29, 2015

The Lego Group has announced a new property called Lego Nexo Knights. Nexo Knights takes place inside the Kingdom of Knighton, a medieval kingdom set in a futuristic world. It feature five brave knights who have access to special powers they can use to battle evil and help restore peace to the kingdom.

The evil villains include an evil jester, named Jestro, and a cast of monsters, including a Lava Monster Army. The knights also have a wizard mentor named Merlok 2.0. The story will begin through an animated television series and a digital gaming app. The first building sets will debut in January 2016. They will range in price from $9.99 to $99.99. You can find details on a couple of these sets here from The Brick Fan.

Casper Thingholm of the Lego Group, says in the announcement, "Inspired by insights to meet the emerging needs of today's kids, Lego Nexo Knightsjuxtaposes a timeless world of medieval knights with a futuristic twist in a captivating story that invites children to explore LEGO play in a whole new way. Lego Nexo Knights offers children the rewarding building experiences they know and love, amplified by digital enhancements that merge what today's kids love: self-expression, strong characters, deep content-driven story and digital gaming.”

Here is a Nexo video where Lego Master Builder Eric Varszegi explains the process behind designing Jestro.

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