Ghast Drone Among New Minecraft Toys Unveiled at Toy Fair 2016

Posted on February 19, 2016

Mattel unveiled some new Minecraft toys at the 2016 Toy Fair in New York City. These incldued 5-inch sccale Minecraft figures, a playset based on the Minecraft video game and an RC Ghast drone.

The RC Ghast quadcopter can be controlled using a remote control. It flies through the like it does in the game. It can move in all directions including forward, backward and up and down. It can also perform 360-degree turns. The remote has an automatic landing button. RC Ghast will arrive in stores this fall and cost $79.99.

The Minecraft playset lets you build customized creations with a reconfigurable landscape. There are also e game-authentic biomes on multiple levels. Some of the features in the playset include a waterfall, removable torches, functioning door, ladders and adjustable platforms. The playet will retail for $79.99 and arrive in stores this fall.

The new 5-inch scale Minecraft figures will arrive in stores this spring. The feature game-authentic features and come with accessories. The figures include and Creeper, Alex, Snow Golem, Skeleton, Zombie, wolf and a sheep.

Here is a FamilyGamer TV video of the Ghast quadcopter in action. It also provides a look at the new Minecraft figures. Take a look:

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