Gosh! Where Can I Find Napoleon Dynamite's Helicopter Shirt?

Posted on March 11, 2005

Napoleon Dynamite shirts are hot. In the movie Napoleon wore a t-shirt that featured a "Jet Ranger 206" scene with a helicopter and a mountain. The original makers of the t-shirts in 1980 have sold several hundred thousand of them on their website since the buzz about the hilarious film began.

The shirts featuring a helicopter image were sold in the summer in the 1980s by Randall Sowa and designed by his friend Phil Goettl. A Spokesman Review story says, "Each summer there was a different design. And each summer Sowa sold a couple of hundred shirts to the rough-and-tumble guys who explored -- with dynamite -- for oil and natural gas in remote areas of the West."

Apparently, Director Jerusha Hess found one of the t-shirts on the rack in a Salt Lake City store and decided to use it in the film.

Today a note on the noridershirts.com website reads, "We will be out Catching 'Sweet' Bass. The response to our shirts has been overwhelming. We need a vacation!! We have been selling out of all the shirts constantly."

They plan to resume selling the t-shirts on March 17, 2005. They have also cut a deal with Hot Topic to sell the shirts.

Hot Topic's description of the shirts reads: "This cream-colored T-shirt features a 'Jet Ranger' front screen from Napoleon Dynamite! It features a mountain and a helicopter and reads, 'Air Services International' in black. 100% cotton. Wash warm. Dry low. Imported."

Update 5-5-15: Sadly, the site selling the shirts is no longer available.

Napoleon can be seen wearing the shirt in this clip from the hilarious film. He wears the shirt as he waits for the bus around the 15 second mark.

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