Panasonic Unveils HOSPI Hotel and Airport Autonomous Delivery Robot

Posted on January 19, 2017

Panasonic has revealed its new hotel and airport autonomous delivery robot named HOSPI(R). The robot ran through a series of demonstration experiments at the Narita International Airport Corporation and the ANA Crowne Plaza Narita.

HOSPI(R) has a smiley face on its screen as a default. The robot can deliver goods autonomously on behalf of humans. In one experiment the robot moved around the lobby carrying bottled beverages to hotel guests. It also provided information about bus schedules.

Another experiment at the travel lounge at the Narita International Airport. In this experiment the robot retrieved used dishware and delivered them to the relevant counter.

Panasonic says in a statement, "Unlike traditional delivery systems, equipment does not need to be embedded into the walls or ceilings, and guide tapes do not have to be laid down along the route, so delivery destinations and layout changes to facilities may be easily made and at low cost. Being recognized for these features, the HOSPI(R) has already been adopted by 4 hospitals in Japan and other countries for the delivery of pharmaceuticals and specimens."

Here is a video footage of the first experiments with the robot in the hotel lobby. Take a look:

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