Rubik's Cube Debuts Touch Cube at Toy Fair

Posted on February 14, 2009

Rubik's Cube has gone 'touch' with the Rubik's TouchCube. The new cube will make its debut in New York City next week at the American International Toy Fair February 15th-18th. Rubik's cube also recently debuted the Rubiks 360, which is a new design from Erno Rubik, the creator of the original Rubik's Cube.

"We've been working on Rubik's TouchCube for the last three years-with engineering teams on two different continents-and are really excited to share it with the world," says Eric Levin, president, Techno Source. "Rubik's TouchCube is the 'dream cube' for anyone who's into high-tech gadgets-it combines today's most current technologies with the iconic Rubik's Cube."

Here's some facts about the new touch cube:

How does it work? Rubik's TouchCube features touch sensor technology on all six sides, a motion-detecting accelerometer, and colored lights in every square. It even mimics the movements of the original 3x3 Cube-swipe a finger across three squares and the lights will follow, "turning" a side of the Cube; make an "L" shape to turn the top face of the Cube a quarter turn. Rubik's TouchCube's motion-detecting accelerometer only recognizes moves made on the top side of the Cube, so that a player's fingers won't move the lights on other sides when holding it.

Some of the features include a built-in solver, so you can learn how to solve it step by step. It also has an internal memory to save your place.

The Rubik's TouchCube also has sound effects. Techno Source says, "Players can choose between modern or classic sound effects at varying volume levels to have a new or nostalgic Rubik's experience as they swipe."

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