Smoko Launches Narwhal Mugs

Posted on June 17, 2016

Smoko has announced its new Narwhal mugs. Smoko says, "While it's not a mystical creature, it's definitely magical. Who wouldn't want a narwhal mug?

The mug is inspired by the narhwal, an Arctic porpoise which also known as the unicorn of the sea. The horn or tusk protruding from the narhwhal's head is actually a long protruding canine tooth. National Geographic says narwhals typically ravel in groups of 15 to 20 but sometimes hold mass gatherings with several thousands narwhals.

The kawaii style ceramic mugs are 4.5 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter. They have a cute little white horn on the opposite side of the handle.

Where to Buy: Amazon

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