Trader Joe's Popular Mini Tote Bags Being Resold Online

Posted on March 13, 2024

Trader Joe's is carrying a limited edition miniature tote bag that costs just $2.99. There are reports that the bags are being resold online for hundreds of dollars. The popularity of the bags is reportedly being driven by TikTok posts.

Here is how Trader Joe's describes its mini canvas bag, which come in four color styles:

The adorable Totes in question are made of the same heavy duty, 65% cotton/35% polyester blend as our larger, classic Canvas Bags. They also have the same long, comfortable handles that accent each mostly white-colored bag with one of four vibrant colors: navy, yellow, red, or forest green. The difference is, these Totes are Mini-about 13 inches long, by 11 inches tall, by 6 inches wide.

A listing for the tote bag can be found on Trader Joe's items are only available in its stores.

Trader Joe's always has nice tote bags but we don't recommend paying hundreds of dollars for one.

Trader Joe's told People, "Our Mini Canvas Tote Bags certainly sold more quickly than we anticipated. Before we had the opportunity to promote them in any way, customers across the country found them at their neighborhood Trader Joe's. Our customers, in our stores, are our focus; we do not endorse the re-sale of any of our products, anywhere."

Trader Joe's also says the cute bags will return this summer.

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