Ugly Sweater Cookie Kits

Posted on November 30, 2016

Trader Joe's launched a new product in 2016 called the Trader Joe’s Ugly Sweater Cookie Kit. Now you can make cookies that resemble the ugly Christmas sweater tradition that has become popular over the holidays.

Trader Joe's kit contains 10 basked cookies in five different shapes. The shapes include sweater vests, turtleneck sweaters, crew-neck sweaters and button down sweaters. There is also a non-sweater apparel item, Hawaiian shirts, which Trader Joe's admits in its flyer that it is not a sweater.

There are both vanilla and chocolate cookie flavors in the kit. The kit comes with red, green and white icing and decorating tips. The kit will retail for $5.99.

Alternatively, there is similar Ugly Sweater Cookie Kit from In the Mix (pictured). The package says it makes 8-10 cookies. It is available on

You can also buy a sweater shaped cookie cutter and make your own ugly Christmas sweater cookies from scratch. A cookie cutter called the Ann Clark Cookie Cutters Ugly Wool Sweater Cookie Cutter can be found on Amazon. It makes a 4.25-inch sweater cookie. You can then decorated to look like an ugly Christmas sweater.

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