Velveeta Launches Velveeta Gold Hair Dye

Posted on April 1, 2024

Velveeta Gold

Velveeta is best known as a cheese but the Kraft Heinz brand is now launching its very first hair dye. It is called Velveeta Gold. It will turn your hair the color of the brand's cheese products.

Velveeta claims this hair change is more than just a hair color change. They say it is a "declaration of a bold and confident attitude."

Stephanie Vance, Brand Manager for Velveeta, says in the announcement, "La Dolce Velveeta is a lifestyle – always confident and forever in service of living by your own rules. We are always looking for new ways to help fans live La Dolce Velveeta and hair was the perfect place for us to invite pleasure seekers to proudly express themselves and show off their unique style and individuality."

Kraft Heinz chose April Fool's Day to launch this product. But as People reveals, Julia Fox is already using the hair color. It is also available on If it is a fool they are going the extra mile to be tricky.

Julia Fox says, "When Velveeta shared what their brand is all about, it truly resonated with me as I am always trying to live life to the fullest and go all in for the things I love. I love my pasta and cheese so Velveeta is an immediate yes and Velveeta Gold hair is a look I can totally get behind.

Velveeta Gold Semi Permanent Hair Color
Image: Kraft Heinz

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