White Claw Launches Hard Seltzer Lemonade

Posted on July 23, 2022

White Claw Lemonade

White Claw has launched a new line of beverages called White Claw Hard Seltzer Refrshr Lemonade. The launch features four different lemonade beverages that include ingredients like calamansi, blood orange and kiwi.

John Shea, Chief Marketing Officer, White Claw Hard Seltzer, USA, says in the announcement, "As the leader in the Hard Seltzer category, White Claw is consistently innovating, looking for new and authentic ways to provide consumers with remarkable tasting refreshment. That's why, with the launch of REFRSHR, we're taking an entirely new and different approach to Lemonade, in a uniquely White Claw way, over-delivering on flavor while being incredibly sessionable."

Four New Beverages

Here are the four new beverages with descriptions provided by White Claw.

  • White Claw REFRSHR Lemonade Limón with a hint of Calamansi: Calamansi, a citrus found in Japan, provides an unmatched lemon zest flavor that perfectly complements the limón flavor to deliver extreme mouth-watering refreshment.

  • White Claw REFRSHR Lemonade Blood Orange with a hint of Black Raspberry: Refreshing black raspberry combined with blood orange make for an extraordinary refreshing flavor combination and entirely new lemonade taste.

  • White Claw REFRSHR Lemonade Blackberry with a hint of Red Cherry: This flavor pairs White Claw Hard Seltzer's rich blackberry and amazing red cherry flavors, taking refreshment to a whole new level.

  • White Claw REFRSHR Lemonade Strawberry with a hint of Kiwi: An instant aroma of fresh strawberry and authentic ripe berry flavors – perfectly complemented with slightly tart kiwi, creating a fruitful and refreshing flavor combination.
Image: White Claw

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