Pumpkin Macarons, Mummy Brownies and Graveyard Cupcakes for Halloween

Updated September 16, 2016, originally posted on October 23, 2014

Pumpkin Macarons by Dana's Bakery

Halloween is fast approaching but there is still plenty of time to bake or order Halloween treats for the holiday. Williams-Sonoma has partnered with three bakeries for some great offerings this season. These Halloween food items include Pumpkin Macarons, Graveyard Cupcakes and Mummy Brownies.

The Pumpkin Macarons are made by Dana's Bakery. They are orange on the outside and have delightful Jack-O-Lantern faces. The shells are made from crisp meringue shells and feature a pumpkin-pie filling infused with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and brown sugar. They are sold in a box of twelve that includes six plain and six with the cute Jack-O-Lantern faces. They cost $34.95 and can be found here. Be sure to also check out Dana's Bakery, which has many different types of macarons available, including Candy Corn macarons for Halloween in prior years.

Halloween Graveyard Cupcakes by More bakery

The Halloween Graveyard Cupcakes at Williams-Sonoma pictured above made by the More bakery in Chicago were sold in 2014. The different Halloween designs include little tombstones, a skull and bones design and cupcakes with orange Halloween words. The cupcake flavors include More's Belgian chocolate cake with Valrhona chocolate ganache, vanilla chocolate and chocolate chocolate. For 2016, Williams-Sonoma features the cute Halloween cupcakes set below that include cats, ghosts, pumpkins and spider-webs. It is also from the More bakery.

Halloween Cupcakes by More bakery

Williams-Sonoma is also selling some cute Mummy Brownies from Blissful Brownies this Halloween. They have white chocolate and fondant bandages with chocolate chip eyes. The brownies costs $34.95 for a set of six.

Mummy Brownies from Blissful Brownies

Photos: Williams-Sonoma