Starbucks to Offer Bagel Balls in Over 7,000 Stores

Posted on September 26, 2016

Starbucks is expanding its deal with Bantam Bagels is a big way. They will now carry bagel balls from Bantam Bagels in over 7,000 Starbucks locations. Bantam Bagels is a bakery located in New York City.

CNBC reports that Starbucks recently expanded its bagel balls offering from a few dozen New York city stores in 2015 to about 500 stores. Now they will be sold nationwide in many locations.

Elyse Oleksak, co-founder of Bantam Bagels, told CNBC, "We always said, 'Wouldn't these be a perfect fit for Starbucks?' The Starbucks customer looks for elevated versions of iconic food and they're always on the go."

Bantam Bagels initially found success on Shark Tank. ABC says, "Before airing on Shark Tank they had $200,000 in sales and after making a deal with Lori Greiner they have made over $2.1 million in sales."

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