Nabisco Launches Swedish Fish Oreos

Posted on August 10, 2016

Swedish Fish Oreos

Nabisco has announced the latest wild Oreos flavor. It is Swedish Fish Oreos. They have a cherry-flavored red creme interior inspired by the classic candy. Swedish Fish are a fish-shaped gummy candy. They were first developed by Malaco, a Swedish candy company, in the 1950s.

A spokesperson for Oreo told Time, "We know that consumers enjoy variety when it comes to snacking so we create all of our limited-edition flavors to provide surprising new twists people know and love and on occasion, create unexpected and unique flavor combinations that people may never have thought were possible, including our latest from the Wonder Vault, Swedish Fish Flavored Creme Oreo Cookies."

Swedish Fish Oreos will be sold exclusively at Kroger. They will arrive in stores this week.

Photo: Nabisco