The Slanket Predates The Snuggie

Posted on February 28, 2009

The Snuggie (pictured on the right) has been a big hit with over four million sold thanks to help from numerous mentions in blogs, lots of silly videos and many Flickr photos. They even wore Snuggies on the Today Show. But the Snuggie was not the first blanket with sleeves idea.

The Slanket, another blanket with sleeves, came out before the Snuggie reports the New York Times. It predates the Snuggie by more than two years. A man named Gary Clegg created it in college in 1998. He cut a hole in his sleeping bag because his remote did not work through the thick fabric. He think had his mother sew a sleeve onto it.

Gary Clegg's Slanket is a higher quality blanket that sells for $37.99. It costs more than a Snuggie but it is benefiting from the Snuggie's popularity. Clegg told the Times, "Their infomercial is raising general awareness about the product."

Newser says the Snuggie was beat by another blanket with sleeves called the Freedom Blanket that debuted in 2005.

Here's a QVC video showcasing the Slanket.

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