The World's Most Expensive Lipstick

Posted on November 8, 2007

Guerlain, which created the first automatic lipstick and the first solid lipstick called "Forget Me Not" in the 1920's, has now created the world's most expensive lipstick. Called KissKiss Gold and Diamonds, the lipstick retails for $62,000. Custom designed in France, the lipstick is adorned with 110g of solid 18-carat yellow gold and 199 diamonds.

The lipstick case is a replica of the original top-selling KissKiss lipstick created in 2005 by Olivier Echaudemaison (the famous French makeup artist who began his career by traveling with the Duchess of Windsor when he was but 17 and went on to do royalty and celebrities) and perpetually chic designer Herve Van Der Straeten.

Mr. Van Der Straeten (channeling Karl Lagerfeld) had this to say: "Lipstick is simple, yet mysterious. One never really knows what she may uncover when the top is removed. This element of surprise creates curiosity and longing, which is what I hope each woman experiences when she clutches KissKiss Gold and Diamonds in the heart of her hand. It is powerful and unimaginable, unique and desired, obtainable and unobtainable at the same time."

So far, we haven't felt any particular curiosity and longing as we wondered if it was time to re-apply our lipstick during the day, but perhaps we were just in a hurry.

When not in use, the lipstick is housed in a black lacquered wooden case, where it can be properly worshiped on your altar of makeup. It is refillable and comes with its own lip brush and protective black suede pouch. The gold casing can be customized with an engraved name or message. The lipstick is available in 15 customizable shades hand selected by Olivier himself.

The shades include:

You can book an appointment to order your diamond-encrusted lipstick at at Guerlain Boutiques at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus San Francisco, The Breakers West Palm Beach and Epcot. We were shocked to see that there is no way to buy this in Las Vegas. Because, trust us, that is the one place on Earth where they can sell lots and lots of lipsticks that cost more than a BMW.

Guerlain also has more affordable lipsticks in its KissKiss line which can be found at retailers like Sephora.

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