Tiny Cardboard Box People in Singapore

Posted on August 27, 2010

Singapore-based artist Anton Tang makes cute little box people with unused plastic figurines and boxes from retailers, such as Amazon, and places them for interesting scenes. Above a box person can be seen assisting a smaller box person.

Neatorama reports that Tang says of his cardboard people, "There are times when many of us would like to cover our heads with a cardboard box and shield ourselves from the outside world. Other times, we walk around feeling as if we're enclosed in such packaging anyway - like faceless, boxed-up products on an assembly line. Yet whichever our experience, alienated or anonymous, one plain fact gives us hope: We're all human. And we’re not alone."

You can find more of Tang's cute cardboard box people at ANTTY.

The cardboard people are robots known as Danboard. There is also a book called 365 Days of Danboard.

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