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FAO Schwarz is a famous toy store and toy brand. The retailer closed down its iconic Fifth Avenue store in New York City in 2015 but reopened a new flagship store in Rockefeller Center in 2018. The brand continues its famous line of unique FAO Schwarz toys such as oversized plush toys and floor pianos.

Latest News

  • FAO Schwarz Fifth Avenue Flagship Closes - FAO Schwarz has closed its Fifth Avenue flagship store. The Fifth Avenue store had been open for nearly thirty years.

  • Giant Teddy Bear at FAO Schwarz - FAO Schwarz is selling a giant teddy bear that is 92 inches tall. It is taller than Victor Wembanyama!

  • FAO Schwarz Unveils Brand Redesign, 2010 Toy Plans - FAO Schwarz has unveiled a brand redesign for 2010. They have also revealed new toy plans for 2010 including a Legendary Christmas Collection.

  • FAO Schwarz Acquired By Toys R Us - "Financially, I think it's brilliant," Chris Byrne, a New York-based toy-industry analyst and director of content at TimetoPlayMag.

  • FAO Schwarz Launches the Muppet Whatnot Workshop - FAO Schwarz has launched the Muppet Whatnot Workshop.

  • FAO Schwarz Opens Styled By Me Barbie Boutique: Whining By Tweens Already Starting - FAO Schwarz has just opened a paradise for Barbie doll lovers.