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Disney Unveils Star Wars Cloth Face Masks

Disney has unveiled a new collection of Star Wars face masks. The masks are available in several different sizes., 2020-05-05

ThinkGeek LED Potion Desk Lamp for Fantasy Fans

ThinkGeek carries a color changing LED lamp that resembles a magic potion. It is powered by micro-USB., 2018-04-16

ThinkGeek Launches Star Wars Cutesy Roll Plush

ThinkGeek has launched its Star Wars Cutesy Roll Plush toys. There is a Chewbacca, Porg and Yoda., 2017-12-04

Snowy Starlight Unicorn Heels Have a Gold Horn

These wild heels from Irregular Choice feature a unicorn with a gold horn. They are a collaboration between Irregular Choice and ThinkGeek., 2017-10-25

Philips Launches Norelco Stormtrooper Electric Shaver

Philips Norelco has launched a spcial edition Star Wars Stormtrooper Electric Shaver. May the force be with you., 2017-10-24

Alvarno Star Wars Fashion Collection

This high-end purse featuring an outline of Darth Vader was created by Alvarno., 2017-10-23

Samsung to Launch Star Wars Darth Vader and Stormtrooper Robotic Vacuums

Samsung is launching Darth Vader and Stormtrooper versions of its Powerbot robotic vacuum., 2017-10-18

Spider-Man Duffel Purse from Loungefly

Loungefly has created a Spider-Man Duffel Purse and Wallet with bold red and blue colors., 2017-08-02

Star Wars Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder by Radio Flyer

Radio Flyer has launched its Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder Ride-on Toy., 2017-07-29

Bigfoot Trucker Hat from Black Lantern

The Bigfoot Trucker Hat from Black Lantern is the perfect hat to wear when you are hunting for the legendary creature., 2017-07-22

Labyrinth 'Ello Worm Slippers to Keep Your Feet Warm

These slippers resemble the cute 'Ello worm from the movie Labyrinth., 2017-06-04

Chewbelta Chewbacca Seat Belt Cover for Your Car

This seat belt cover resembles Chewbacca's bandolier., 2017-06-04

Thor Mjolnir Ceramic Sculpted Mug for Thor Fans

Vandor launches a Thor Mjolnir mug for fans of the Marvel hero., 2017-06-02

Groot Wooden Cutting Board

Groot is now a wooden cutting board. It is shaped like Groot's face., 2017-04-30

Star Wars Geeki Tikis Series 2 Collection

ThinkGeek has launched Series 2 of its Star Wars Geeki Tikis. The ceramic mugs are official Star Wars merchandise., 2017-04-28

ThinkGeek Unveils Tentacuddle Wrap for April Fool's Day 2017

ThinkGeek has unveiled this amazing Tentacuddle Wrap for April Fool's Day 2017. It is better than being a mermaid., 2017-04-01

Captain America Teapot Features Superhero Design

ThinkGeek has launched a Captain America Teapot that resembles the superhero's costume., 2016-08-25

The Darth Vader ToothSaber Dispenses Toothpicks

The Darth Vader ToothSaber is an elaborate Star Wars themed toothpick dispenser., 2016-08-18

Pac-Man Ghost Light is a Color Changing Mood Light

The Pac-Man Ghost Light is a color changing mood light from Paladone. It is USB powered., 2016-08-08

Star Trek Trekini Swimwear Line Debuts at ThinkGeek

ThinkGeek has launched a line of Star Trek inspired swimwear called the Star Trek:TNG Trekini Swimwear line., 2016-06-06

Numskull Makes Knitted Star Wars Hats and Christmas Jumpers

Numskull has a line of knitted Star Wars hats out. They also have Star Wars themed Christmas sweaters., 2016-05-23