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Gund is a toy brand known for its quality soft toys. The toys include teddy bears and other animals as well as character toys for Sanrio, Pusheen, Boo, Line Friends and other brands.

Featured Products

  • Stormy Cat Plush Toy from Gund - Gund has a Stormy Cat plush toy out. Stormy is Pusheen's little sister.

  • Gund Plush Baby Elephant Toy Has Ears That Flap - Gund's Flappy the Elephant toy has animated ears that flap. The plush toy also pays music.

  • Huggy Buddha Gund Plush Toys - Gund has launched a line of Huggy Buddha plush today in pink, blue and gray. They include 7.5-inch and 11-inch plush toys.

  • Gund Launching Grumpy Cat Plush Toy for Holiday 2013 - Gund is launching a plush Grumy Cat toy for Holiday 2013. Gund says the doll will be in stores for the holiday season.

  • Gund Menacing Mummy for Halloween - Gund has a Halloween toy called the plush mummy toy. It is more cute than menacing.

  • Gund Vampy Vince Toy Dances to Halloween Song - Vampy Vince is a plush vampire that dances to a Halloween song.

  • Creep-Ella is a Wearable Witch Hat Toy From Gund - Creep-Ella is an amusing witch hat toy from Gund. She also says three phrases.

  • Gund Animated Clappy Monkey

    This cute plush monkey toy is animated and loves to clap his hands and sing.

    Peek a Boo Elmo Plush

    This fun plush Elmo toy from Gund loves to laugh and play peek a boo behind his soft blue blanket.

    More Information

    Twitter: @gottagettagund

    Instagram: @gottagettagund

    Website: Gund website