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LG is a home and electronics company based in Seoul, South Korea. LG is known for its electronics, televisions, home appliances and mobile devices.

Featured Products

  • LG Unveils LG CordZero Canister Vacuum That Follows User - LG unveiled a new LG CordZero vacuum at CES 2017 with follow me technology that enables the canister to automatically follow the user.

  • LG Unveils Super Thin Wallpaper OLED TV at 2017 CES - LG unveiled its utlra thin wallpaper OLED TV at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show. It will cost $8,000.

  • LG Rolly Keyboard Rolls Up and Fits in a Purse - LG's new keyboard rolls up and can fit in your purse. It is called the LG Rolly Keyboard.

  • LG Watch Urbane Runs on Proprietary Platform - LG has a smartwatch called Watch Urbane. It runs on a propietary platform.

  • LG's SoundPlate Can Fit Under HDTVs - LG's sleek new SoundPlate can fit under HDTVs. It retails for $399.99.

  • Latest News

  • LG Tests Robotic Vacuum on Edge of Skyscraper - LG tested its little Roboking robotic vacuum on the edge of a skyscraper. LG also balanced the robot on a metal platform held 100 meters off the ground.