New Barbie Dolls Celebrate Barbie's 50th Anniversary

Posted on February 22, 2009

2009 Golden Anniversary Barbie

Here are some new Barbie dolls launched to celebrate Barbie's 50th anniversary. The 2009 Golden Anniversary Barbie is pictured above. It is also being called the 50th Anniversary Barbie Glamour Doll. The doll features a remake of the dress featured on the 1959 doll. Two other new Barbie dolls include the 2009 Generation of Dreams Barbie and the 2009 Quintessential Barbie. The Generation of Dreams doll is wearing a pretty pink dress. The cute dress, designed by Robert Best, also features iconic Barbie images. The 2009 Quintessential Barbie doll is wearing a cute pink and white striped dress and carrying a pink handbag.

2009 Generation of Dreams Barbie

2009 Quintessential Barbie

Update: The 50th anniversary of Barbie also featured an amazing Barbie fashion show at New York Fashion Week. You can see a video of the show here.

Photos: Mattel
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