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Barbie is a popular doll brand from Mattel. Mattel launches new Barbie dolls and Barbie sets annually. There are also animated Barbie video series and films.

Featured Products

  • New Hot Wheels RC Corvette Ties in With Barbie The Movie - Hot Wheels has launched a new remote control Corvette toy car that resembles the 1956 Corvette Stingray Barbie drives in Barbie The Movie.

  • Amazon Reveals 2020 Toys We Love List - Amazon has released its annual list of the top 100 toys. The lists is called the Amazon 2020 Toys We Love List.

  • Barbie Fashion Doll Pens Come in Three Styles - Barbie has launched a line of Barbie Fashion Doll Pens created by Super Impulse. They come in three styles and have little pink stands.

  • Mattel and BBC Launch Doctor Who Barbie Doll - Mattel and BBC collaborate on a Doctor Who Barbie Doll for the 13th Doctor

  • Amelia Earhart Barbie is Ready for Adventure - Mattel has launched an Amelia Earhart Barbie doll.

  • Mattel Launches Tomb Raider Barbie Doll - Mattel has launched a Tomb Raider barbie doll. The film, starring Alicia Vikander, arrives in theaters this weekend.

  • New Barbie Sheroes Include Chloe Kim, Patty Jenkins, Bindi Irwin and Frida Kahlo - Mattel has added 14 new Barbie Sheroes. They include Chloe Kim, Patty Jenkins, Bindi Irwin and Frida Kahlo.

  • Sanrio and Mattel Collaborate to Launch Barbie Hello Kitty Fashion Doll - Sanrio and Mattel collaborated to launch an adorable Barbie Hello Kitty Fashion Doll.

  • Barbie Launches Mera Doll - Barbie has launched versions of Wonder Woman and Mera as Barbie dolls. They are are available together in the Barbie Justice League Gift Set

  • Barbie Dreamhorse Neighs, Walks and Dances - Barbie Dreamhorse is an electronic horse coming out this fall. It neighs, walks, responds to touch and more.

  • Hello Barbie Hologram Unveiled by Mattel at 2017 Toy Fair - Mattel unveiled its new Barbie Hologram toy at the 2017 Toy Fair.

  • Gabby Douglas Honored With Barbie Doll - Mattel has created a Barbie doll honoring Gabby Douglas. It is part of the Barbie Shero collection.

  • Mattel Launches Game Developer Barbie - Barbie is a game developer in her latest career. She carries a tablet and laptop.

  • Wonder Woman Barbie Based on Gal Gadot to Launch at Comic-Con - Mattel will introduce a Wonder Woman Barbie based on Gal Gadot (Batman v Superman) at the Comi-Con in San Diego.

  • Mattel Launches Misty Copeland Barbie Doll - Mattel has launched a Misty Copeland Barbie doll. It is part of the Barbie Sheroes line.

  • Latest News

  • Barbie Was Christian Siriano's Muse for His Resort 2018 Collection - Barbie served as muse for Christian Siriano's Resort 2018 collection. The designs highlight the diversity in the Barbie Fashionistas line.

  • Oscar de la Renta Barbie Doll Launches - Mattel has partnered with Oscar de la Renta for a special Barbie doll. The doll costs $175.

  • Barbie Models Swimwear for Target - Barbie modeled a line of swimwear for Target in a new campaign. The new Barbie body type dolls were used in the campaign.

  • Karl Lagerfeld Designs Barbie in His Own Image - Karl Lagerfeld has a new creation: Barbie Lagerfeld. The limited edition Barbie doll is dressed and styled exactly like Karl.

  • Barbie Nurse Dolls From 1961 and 2012 Show Changing Style - The outfits worn by Barbie as a nurse have changed greatly from 1961 to the more casual modern Nurse Barbie.

  • Barbie Rockstar Dolls Include Lead Singer, Rapper and American Idol Dolls - There have been several iterations of the Barbie Rockstar doll over the year include a rapper, lead singer and an American Idol doll.

  • Rapper Barbie Arrives Early on the Hip Hop Scene - The Rappin' Rockin' Barbie was released in 1992 ahead of the trend that now sees a rap inserted in most pop songs.

  • Soccer Coach Barbie Carries a Pink Whistle and Clipboard - Barbie became a soccer coach in 2008. She wore a cute oufit with pink, blue and white colors.

  • Barbie Appears in Sports Illustrated 2014 Swimsuit Issue - Barbie appears in the Sports Illustrated 2014 Swimsuit issue. She was photographed by Walter Iooss.

  • Barbie Wall Calendar Features Barbie Modeling Robert Best Designs - The 2014 Barbie Wall Calendar features Barbie modeling designs from the Barbie Robert Best Fashion Model Collection.

  • Barbie Collector Debuts Herve Leger by Max Azria Barbie Doll - Barbie Collector has launched a Herve Leger by Max Azria Barbie doll. THe doll goes on sale October 2013.

  • Barbie Becomes a Scuba Diver With Swim N' Dive Barbie - Barbie became a scuba diver with the launch of the Swim N' Dive Barbie doll in 1994.

  • Singaporean Man Has 6,000 Barbie Dolls - A Singaporean man has a huge Barbie doll collection. The collection includes over 6,000 Barbie dolls and 3,000 other dolls.

  • Mariposa Returns in Barbie Mariposa and the Fairy Princess - Mariposa returns in the new DVD, Barbie Mariposa and the Fairy Princess. She has a cute furry friend named Zee.

  • Mattel Launches Mars Explorer Barbie - Mattel has launched Mars Explorer Barbie. This is also the new Career Barbie doll.

  • Barbie Can be a Ballerina - There have been more than one Barbie ballerina dolls. There was even an animated movie.

  • Barbie Plays a Ballerina in New Animated Film Released on DVD and Blu-ray - A new Barbie movie is out on DVD and Blu-ray.

  • Surgeon Barbie is Ready to Operate - Barbie became a surgeon with Surgeon Barbie in the 1970s. She had a blue surgeon outfit.

  • Barbie: The Princess and the Popstar Arrives on DVD - Barbie's latest movie, Barbie: The Princess and The Popstar has arrived on DVD.

  • Mattel to Unveil Giant Barbie Dream Closet at Fashion Week - Mattel unveiled enormous Barbie Dream Closet at New York Fashion Week. It stood 24 feet tall and had jewel encrusted doors.