Amazon Launches Treasure Truck in Seattle

Posted on June 29, 2015

Amazon has launched a new deal delivering truck called the Treasure Truck. The truck has a body resembling an Amazon box. The words "Treasure Truck" in a huge orange font can be found on the front of the truck. There is only one Treasure Truck and it currently only operates in the Seattle area.

The Amazon Treasure Truck also has a digital scroll on its sides. The truck carries just one discounted item a day. Amazon says the items are "limited in quantity and available for one day only." The Amazon mobile app can be used to order items from the truck. The items can be picked up at one of the truck's designated pickup locations.

Amazon says, "If you're in the Seattle area, open the main menu of the app and you’ll see Treasure Truck. Tap to see what's on the Truck today, buy it, and choose where to meet the Truck to pick up your item."

Some of the recent deals include a Solstice Bali inflatable paddleboard set for $99 (79% off), a Beach Cruise 26-inch Urban Man bicycle for $99 (67% off) and two prime porterhouse steaks for $20.

In a promotional video, Amazon says its Treasure Truck is like a "pirate ship with wheels and a horn." Here is a video about the vehicle. Take a look:

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