Report: Anna Wintour Still Embracing the Atkins Diet

Posted on August 23, 2009

Maureen Dowd takes on Anna Wintour in her latest column in The New York Times. Maureen went to the premiere of The September Issue and sat somewhat close to her at the after party. Naturally, she was quite interested in what Anna actually eats.

"I'll have what she's having," I told a startled waiter, who assumed I was kidding and pointed me to the part of the menu he thought suited me better: Chasen's chili and Mrs. Carter's butter tart.

"Anna eats steak and burgers, protein, and drinks a little wine," said the Vogue editor Andre Leon Talley, mesmerizingly mountainous in a navy Armani with a white saber-toothed tiger tooth necklace and Manolo framboise velvet Woodstock sandals.

Maureen really fell short in her investigating. She should have grilled Andre as to what exactly Anna eats on her hamburgers. Lettuce? Tomatoes? A bun? Surely there is no cheese involved. Is it buffalo meat? Turkey meat? Angus? Kobe? We need details. One thing's for sure. Anna is still embracing the Atkins diet, or at least a modified version of it. But we'd still like to know about the bun.

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