Heelarious: Soft High Heel Shoes For Babies

Posted on September 16, 2008

Heelarious makes soft crib shoes for babies that retail for $35. The shoes are meant for infants sizes 0-6 months and come in several styles including hot pink and leopard print.

The website explains how they came up with the funny baby shoe idea which has been seen in In Touch Weekly, The New York Post and on the The Today Show.

Britta Bacon & Hayden Porter are childhood friends turned business partners. While Hayden was completely obsessed with high heels, Britta wasn't even sure if she owned a pair. On her way to her daughter Kayla's 4th birthday party, Britta was reminiscing about when Kayla was a baby and Hayden's shoe obsession crossed her mind. She thought to herself "That would have been hilarious if I could have brought Kayla to a party in high heels when she was a baby".

The women behind Heelarious have been receiving some flack from people who say high heels are innappropriate for babies. The BBC reports that child protection group Love Our Children USA does not approve of the shoes.

Child protection group Love Our Children USA said: "We need to let our children be children.

"There is plenty of time for them to grow up and wear stilettos. Even though these shoes look very cute, it's not healthy for their development."

The creators of the baby heels say the product is meant to be a fun novelty product. Hayden Porter of Heelarious says, "It's supposed to be just a fun novelty and make people laugh product."

The high heels themselves are not functional - they are soft and squishy and collapse which is good because regular heels would obviously not be good for babies or small children's feet.

In 2017 another brand of high heel baby shoes named Pee Wee Pumps hit the market. This company has also been defending itself from critics.

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