Black Hamburger Battle Between McDonald's Japan and Burger King Japan

Posted on October 4, 2014

Two fast food giants have launched hamburgers with black buns in Japan. Burger King went first with its Kuro burger offering. McDonald's followed with a black hamburger that launched as part of a Halloween themed promotion.

Burger King's Kuro Diamaond and Kuro Pearl burgers each feature Chaliapin sauce, a black sauce made from squid ink and soy sauce. Burger King Japan is spelling it as Shalyapin. The burgers also feature black colored cheese. The cheese and buns were blackened with bamboo charcoal. Burger King's Kuro burger offerings are much more adventurous than the burger McDonald's is offering.

McDonald's Japan is selling a hamburger that resembles a regular double cheeseburger, except it has a spooky black bun. The burger is part of a Halloween promotion. The fast food chain is also selling a chicken sandwich with a white pun as part of the promotion. The items are being marketed with an ad featuring a black witch and a white ghost. You can see what the Halloween ad looks like here.

McDonald's Japan also has a Halloween McFlurry offering. The pumpkin looks like it want to eat the McFlurry in the ad campaign.

It would be cool if fast food chains in the U.S. would offer up some Halloween themed menu items as well.

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