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McDonald's is a leading global fast food chain. They are best known for their hamburgers that include the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder. Other popular items include Chicken McNuggets, Filet-O-Fish, shakes and french fries. McDonald's also has a breakfast menu and coffee beverages.

Featured Products

  • McDonald's Introduces Silly Frork Utensil in YouTube Video - McDonald's introduces a fake product called the Frork in a YouTube video. It holds three French fries.

  • Super Mario Toys in McDonald's Happy Meals - McDonald's is including Super Mario toys in its Happy Meals.

  • McDonald's Offering Lobster Rolls in Select Northeast Locations - McDonald's is offering lobster rolls in select Northeast locations. This is not the first time the fast food chain has offered them.

  • April Fool's Day: McDonald's Launches MmmBox Subscription Service - McDonalds has launched its MmmBox subscription service on April 1st. There are three types to choose from.

  • Latest News

  • McDonald's Fast Food Restaurant Opens Near the Vatican - A McDonald's fast food restaurant has opened near the Vatican. Many cardinals have complained.

  • Donald Trump Eats KFC on His Private Jet - Donald Trump shared this photograph of his KFC meal on his Twitter account.

  • McDonald's Launches Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry Down Under - McDonald's has launched a Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry in Australia and possibly in the United Kingdom.

  • Black Hamburger Battle Between McDonald's Japan and Burger King Japan - Two fast food behemoths have engaged in a black hamburger battle in Japan. Burger King's burger uses a squid ink sauce.

  • Subway Plans 2,000 New Restaurant Locations in North America in 2011 - Subway announced it plans to open 2,000 locations this year in North America.

  • McDonald's Goes Vegetarian in India - Bloomberg has a very interesting article about how McDonald's is making inroads into the Indian markets.

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