Blake Lively and Elettra Wiedemann Make Sausage and Brie in a Puff Pastry

Posted on May 20, 2013

Elettra Wiedemann hosts a show for called Elettra's Goodness. In this episode Blake Lively shows Elettra how to make one of her favorite recipes, sausage and brie in a puff pastry. She Blake says she doesn't drink, but she does use a lot of alcohol in her cooking because she likes the richness of the flavor. For this recipe she like bourbon infused maple syrup.

She cuts a brie cheese wheel in half and places it on puff pastry. She fills the cheese with a mixture of a balsamic reduction sauce with figs, rasberries and vanilla. She then sautees shallots and sausages (casings removed) and layers the mixture. She puts the other half of the brie on top and wraps it up in the puff pastry. She brushes with an egg wash and bakes it for around half an hour. She drizzes the dish with the bourbon-flavored maple syrup and serves. It certainly sounds delicious. But Elettra needs to work on making her guests explain the steps as they go along. Luckily, an editor included the cooking instructions in the video.

While cooking Blakes discusses the time she was invited to make butterscotch with the pastry chef at Per Se. She said they asked her to stay for the dinner service, thinking she knew what she was doing. She said they quickly found out that she did not. Take a look:

You can find Blake's recipe for Sausage and Brie Puff Pastry, here.

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