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Here are the latest posts about Godiva on Shoppers Shop:

  • Godiva Holiday 2017 Chocolate Advent Calendar
    Godiva launches its 2017 Holiday Chocolate Advent Calendar. (2017-11-12)

  • Godiva Celebrates 90th Anniversary With Limited Edition Gold Anniversary Collection
    Godiva has launched its limited edition gold anniversary collection to celebrate its 90th anniversary. The collection features packaging designed by artist Oli-B. (2016-04-10)

    Godiva's 2016 Easter Gifts Include Gund Easter Bunny and Beaded Easter Egg
    Godiva's 2016 Easter gifts include a Gund Easter bunny, beaded Easter egg, chocolate bunnies and more. (2016-03-12)

    Eva Longoria Promotes PDGs in Godiva 2016 Valentine's Day Campaign
    Actress Eva Longoria is promoting PDGs - public displays of Godiva - for Valentine's Day 2016. (2016-02-10)

    Godiva Introduces New Chocolate Named After Caroline Wozniacki
    Godiva has introduced a new chocolate named after Caroline Wozniacki. Caroline is also the Godiva Global Ambassador. (2015-09-04)

    Godiva Offering Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Peeps
    Godiva is offering chocolate-dipped Peeps in its boutique locations. (2014-03-27)

    Godiva Offers Oreo Treats
    Godiva is offering Oreo treats, including chocolate covered Oreo cookies and Godiva Oreo shakes. (2013-07-19)

    Godiva Launches Lady Godiva Program and Godiva FEED 10 Tote Bags
    Godiva Chocolatier has launches its first global corporate philanthropy effort, the Lady Godiva Program. (2012-04-24)

    Godiva's New Easter Chocolates Include Beaded Easter Egg and Chick Lollipop
    Godiva has several new chocolate treats out for Easter this year. (2012-03-15)

    Blake Lively Helps Godiva Promote New Valentine's Day Contest
    Blake Lively helped launched Godiva's "Sweetest Story Ever Told" contest in New York City. (2012-02-02)

    Godiva Adds Two New Summer Shake Flavors
    Godiva Summer Shakes are available again this summer. (2011-06-28)

    Godiva Adds Chocolate Halloween Lollipops
    Godiva has added three Halloween chocolate lollipop treats for Halloween this year. (2010-09-16)

    Godiva Launches Ice Cream Parlor Truffles
    Godiva has launched a new summertime treat called Ice Cream Parlor truffles. (2010-05-13)

    Godiva's Thanksgiving Turkey is Made of Chocolate
    Godiva has milk chocolate turkeys available for Thanksgiving. (2009-11-21)

    Godiva Launches Chocolate Scented Candles
    Godiva has partnered with Laura Slatkin for a line of chocolate scented candles. (2009-10-28)

    Godiva Unveils New Website Design
    Godiva has redesigned its website at Godiva. (2009-10-07)

    Godiva Launches Godiva Gems
    Godiva Chocolatier is launching a new product this fall called Godiva Gems. (2009-08-27)

    Ali Larter is Surrounded by Chocolate
    Ali Larter of Heroes hangs out in a room made entirely of Godiva chocolate. (2008-02-10)

    Valentine's Shopping Trends 2008
    What people buy for their loved ones on Valentine's Day doesn't change much from year to year. (2008-02-09)

    Godiva Gets Lucky for Halloween
    Now you could blow your entire daily calorie allotment on those tiny Snickers bars during Halloween (so stressful answering the door all night. (2006-10-11)