A Deadly Cobra to Guard Your Shoes

Posted on September 11, 2007

We all know how important security is for our favorite shoes. Remember that horrible shoe thief who snuck into Marla Maples' home and stole all her favorite footwear? Perhaps learning from that terrifying incident, the Harrods store in London instituted some spectacular security for the display of diamond-encrusted shoes by Rene Caovilla. A live cobra guarded the shoes, which are worth $120,000.

News.com.au reports that the cobra was hired specifically for the shoe launch. The special shoe guard was reportedly requested by Caovilla.

The snake would definitely be a deterrent but this seems like a bit of a publicity stunt. Somehow this solution to the problem of shoe theft doesn't really appeal to us. Perhaps a nice lock on the closet door would be safer.

The name of the snake is Cedric and it is now back home with its owner.

The Daily Mail recently revisited the cobra shoe guard story and noted that the Caovilla shoes were successfully protected by the snake. The cobra guard was in a TV documentary called Inside Harrods, which is about Harrods' hidden history.

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