Hallmark's Pop Goes the Culture Cards

Posted on August 8, 2007

Hallmark has a new line of cards out called Pop Goes the Culture. The cards feature famous lines from popular television shows like Lost and Grey's Anatomy. Other cards in the new line feature quotes from celebrities including Bill Maher, J.K. Rowling and Gwen Stefani.

One example is a Grey's Anatomy card that has the quote, "Once in a blue moon, people will surprise you ... and once in a while, people may even take your breath away." One the inside the greeting card reads, "Thank you for making mine a lifetime of blue moons.''

A Lost card says o the cover, "You're one of the good ones." The inside of the card says, "... and I'm one of the lucky ones. Very lucky."

The image above is a picture of the Grey's Anatomy card described above. These cards might work well for people that share a similar interest in celebrities, authors, music or television shows. We know a Lost friend would appreciate a card with a quote by one of the characters. Quotes from the Harry Potter series would also be popular.

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