Inchworm Kid Shoes Can Expand in Size

Posted on April 4, 2009

The Inchworm Shoes are kids shoes that can expand in size. Using IFit technology the shoes can grow up to 1 full shoe size in half-size increments. CNET reports that the trainers expand like an accordion when a button is press and release.

Inchworm has an online store and carries about twenty different shoe designs. (Note: The Inchworm online store appears to have shut down.)

This a description of the iFit technology used in Inchworm shoes:

he iFit technology allows you to GROW the size of the shoe with a simple push of the button. So eliminate unnecessary trips to the shoe store and provide your children with better fitting shoes that last up to three sizes longer. Inchworm shoes grow in half size increments. Just push the button on the side, and pull the toe of the shoe to adjust into the next size.

Kids feet grow pretty quickly so the shoes would last a little longer than regular shoes. The KidOShoe Foot Facts page says a child will grow up to 9 shoe sizes in their first three years.

There's also another expandable shoe idea called the The Shoe That Grows. It expands five sizes. It is available from Because International.

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