Intel Survey Reveals Need for Mobile Etiquette

Posted on February 26, 2011

An Intel sponsored survey conducted by Ispos found that many people see an urgent need for mobile etiquette. Mobile misues like sending emails while walking or texting or typing while driving are uses of mobile technology that really get on people's nerves.

The study found nine out of ten American adults claim they have seen people misuse mobile technology, and 75 percent say mobile manners are becoming worse compared to just 1 year ago.

Here are some highlights from the study's findings.

Genevieve Bell, head of interaction and experience research, said, "New digital technologies are becoming a mainstay in consumers' lives, but we haven't yet worked out for ourselves, our families, communities and societies what all the right kinds of behaviors and expectations will be. Our appropriate digital technology behaviors are still embryonic, and it's important for Intel and the entire industry to maintain a dialogue about the way people use technology and our personal relationships with technology as they continue to help shape societal and cultural norms."

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