Hallmark Releases Details About Job Loss Greeting Cards

Posted on October 9, 2011

Hallmark has a line of greeting cards out that were designed to be appropriate to send to someone who has lost their job. The cover of one of the cards features a cat and says, "Heard about your job." The inside of the card reads, "Is there anywhere I could hack up a hairball, like, say, on a former employer's head? Just wonderin' ..."

The layoff cards have been in the news lately. There was a segment recently on CBS News. Hallmark says the cards addressing job loss first appeared in stores two years ago. The company says they have a total of six greeting cards which speak to job loss in its encouragement and humor card lines. The cards are made in the United States.

Hallmark says the idea for the cards came from Hallmark shoppers who were asking for cards like these to offer support to friends or family who were going through a difficult time.

Another card in Hallmark's job-related line (pictured below) deals with how tough job searches can be these days. The cover of the card reads, "I can only imagine how frustrating this job search must be for you." The inside of the card says, "These are tough times for job seekers, but I hope someone will soon recognize what you have to offer is exactly what is needed."

You get see several of the cards on the Huffington Post and in this segment from Fox 8 News Cleveland.

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