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Welcome to the Greeting Card section on Shoppers Shop. Here will find our coverage of cool and new greeting cards, greeting card lines and ecards.

Featured Products

  • Hallmark Superman Shirt Father's Day Card - Hallmark has a Superman Shirt Father's Day gretting card out.

  • American Greetings Launches Happy Tails Solar Greeting Cards - American Greetings new Happy Tails birthcards are solar powered

  • Hallmark and Funny or Die Launch Shoebox Greeting Card Collection - Hallmark has collaborated with Funny or Die on a line of Shobox greeting cards.

  • Taylor Swift Launches Greeting Card Line With Papyrus - Taylor Swift has launched a greeting card line with Papryus.

  • American Greetings Unveils Customizable William Shatner Video Ecard - American Greetings has unveield a customizable William Shatner video ecard. He performs to the song Shout in the card.

  • American Greetings Launches Automotions Birthday Cards - American Greetings has launched a new line of Automotions birthday cards.

  • Michael Bolton Stars in Customizable Video Ecard for American Greetings - American Greetings has launched customizable Michael Bolton birthday video ecards.

  • Hallmark is Relaunching Its Shoebox Card Line - Hallmark is relaunching its humorous Shoebox line of greeitng cards. The entire collection has been updated.

  • Hallmark Launches Sarah Jessica Parker Collection - Hallmark has launched the Sarah Jessica Parker Collection. The collection includes greeting cards, stationery and gift wrap.

  • Latest News

  • Hallmark Launches The Walking Dead Valentine's Day eCards - Hallmark has launched a line of The Walk Deed ecards for Valentine's Day 2016. The humorous cards are a partnership with AMC.

  • American Greetings Launches Tongue Waggin' Wishes - American Greetings has launched a new interactive greeting card called Tongue Waggin' Wishes.

  • American Greetings Launches Hyper Cutes Cards - American Greetings has announced a new line of card called Hyper Cutes.

  • American Greetings Launches Sparkle Knits Christmas Cards - American Greetings has launched a line of greeting cards called Sparkle Knits.

  • Hallmark to Launch Justin Bieber Greeting Cards in April - Hallmark announced it has partnered with Justin Bieber for a line of greeting cards.

  • Hallmark Releases Details About Job Loss Greeting Cards - Hallmark has launched a line of job loss greeting cards meant to cheer-up friends and love ones who have recently lost a job.

  • American Greetings Talking Yakety Yak Greeting Cards - These goofing talking cards feature googly eyes. They include a toilet, cookie, garbage can, coffee cup and other objects that have been turned into talking cards.

  • 23rd Annual LOUIE Awards Winners Announced at Gala Event - The winners of the 23rd Annual Louise Awards have been announced by the Greeting Card Association. The Hamburger Yakety Yaks card won card of the year.

  • American Greetings Launches Good Vibrations Cards - American Greetings is introducing Good Vibrations, a new greeting card that contain music as well as a character or object on the inside that excitedly dances, bounces, shakes, or bops

  • Hallmark Launches Augmented Reality Greeting Cards - Hallmark Cards has announced the release of webcam greetings, new cards that use augmented reality technology to bring the card to life on a computer screen.

  • Martha Stewart Partners With Crane's for Wedding Invitations - class="first">Martha Stewart has partnered with Crane's for a new line of social stationery products, starting with wedding stationery.

  • Hallmark Gets Political in New Greeting Card Line - This year everything is about Super Tuesday even greeting cards.

  • American Greetings Launches South Park Greeting Cards - American Greetings has signed a licensing deal with Comedy Central that will result in greeting cards using characters from popular Comedy Central shows.