Kids Get to Play President and Make Decisions at Interactive Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Posted on August 21, 2010

Okay, this is just the coolest thing ever for kids. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California provides an interactive experience where kids take on the roles of key figures in the Reagan administration during the invasion of Grenada.

One child gets to be the president, others are advisers, others get to go to the war room and be generals as they decide what to do in a crisis. Still others play the press and get to ask questions and report the news. The staff members also deal with press leaks and other typical headaches that the staffers in the West Wing face in any administration.

The kids get hands-on experience as to what exactly the president and his advisers do everyday. The library has an exact replica of the Oval Office, of Air Force One, the command center for the joint chiefs (which has lots of cool tech stuff) and even the White House Press Room. The WSJ's Tammy Audi reports:

Forget the kids, we want to go do this! It would be like being in an episode of The West Wing. The replicas in the museum are just amazing: this has really set the bar high for other presidents' libraries. And you can be sure all the ex-presidents are pea green with envy over Reagan's library.

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