Krispy Kreme Launches Cute Horse Doughnuts in Japan

Posted on June 11, 2016

Krispy Kreme has launched some cute horse doughnuts in Japan. The horse doughnuts are made anime-style. They have cute little ears and a mane. The doughnuts are brown and white and purple and white.

Rocket News 24 reports has a photo of the adorable doughnuts that must be seen. They say these special doughnuts were made for one single store in Japan and were available for just eight days.

The horse doughnuts were created for customers are the Hanshin Racecourse in Hyogo Prefecture. The racetrack has a special Umajo area that sells goods and services for women.

Krispy Kreme Japan also sells some cute watermelon and lemon glazed doughnuts. These are available at multiple stores and were launched to celebrate summer.

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