Kristen Bell, Jamie Lee Curtis and Betty White Cover AARP Magazine

Posted on September 24, 2010

Kristen Bell Jamie Lee Curtis and Betty White Cover AARP

Kristen Bell, Jamie Lee Curtis and Betty White grace the cover of the November/December 2010 issue of AARP magazine. The three actresses star in the comedy You Again, which opens in theatres this weekend. In the interview, the actresses discuss friends, .

Betty White on Friends: "I'm still bleeding over losing Ruesy [the late actress and Golden Girls costar Rue McClanahan], who was my dear friend. But as much as I love my friends, I wouldn't think of going out to lunch with a woman. I can't think of anything less interesting, except hen parties and showers and I avoid them like the plague."

Jamie Curtis on Plastic Surgery: "There's a reason why there is only one Betty White. [Speaking to Betty] You've navigated this magnificently and had good health and fantastic opportunities, and you've knocked them out of the ballpark. There are people who, when you see them on the screen, there's an audible gasp of 'Oh my God.' They look terrible - or they've done something to themselves and now look like freaks. Then there are people who age beautifully. There is one Meryl Streep and one Sigourney Weaver. But I could name 30 other actresses in their [age] groups who aren't working today. Me, I'm getting my ass out of this business in a few years because genetically it's not going to work for me. And I'm not saying this so you guys say, 'Oh, you're so pretty.' I'm talking about aging and genetics."

Kristen Bell on If You Could Hit Rewind: "Every experience has made me who I am, but if I had to choose, I guess I would have raised my glove and caught the softball that sent me to homecoming with two black eyes."