Luxury Olive Oil Costs $15,000 a Bottle

Posted on March 23, 2012

Lamba Olive Oil

SmartMoney Magazine reports that Speiron is selling a luxury olive oil that costs $15,000. Speiron describes its limited-production Lambda brand as an ultra-premium Greek olive oil. Speiron says the low-acidity olive oil is made using "the exclusive method of common pressing - the olives are pressed in a maximum of 8 hours after the picking - which produces a flavour of intense freshness and fruitiness."

The bottle comes in a lacquered case with a gold nameplate. There are certainly some delicious olive oils that taste better than others, but the high price here is primarily about the fancy bottling and packaging. The cool looking bottle is also embossed with the recipient's signature. Wendy Bounds and Charles Passy discuss the luxury olive oil. Take a look:

Photo: Speiron