Mario Batali's New Orange Crocs Bistro Shoe

Posted on May 23, 2007

Crocs has announced that super-Chef and bestselling author Mario Batali will be the new spokesperson for the new Crocs Bistro shoe. The company said Batali has been a long time supporter of the brand. He is known for wearing orange colored Crocs.

Batali said in a statement, "It's not hard to see that I'm a supporter of Crocs, given that I wear them on a daily basis. The new Bistro model brings functionality for the kitchen to the equation producing a product that I am happy to support."

Chef Batali says he owns a mind-boggling 50 pairs of Beach Crocs. Batali is totally into this new promotion: he's going on appearances for the company and is posting some of his fabulous recipes on Now that we think of it, Batali probably does need 50 pairs of Crocs. The man is amazing: when he's not slicing and dicing other chefs on the Food Network's show Iron Chef America, he hosts his own series called "Molto Mario." He's written five cookbooks and now owns 11 restaurants in New York City, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

So, what's so great about the new Crocs? The new shoe is made for people who stand on their feet all day, like restaurant workers and nurses. The shoes have a closed toe, a special slip-resistant design, a thicker metatarsal area to help protect the top of the foot, as well as a supportive arch and foot bed circulation nubs to keep one's tootsies happy all day long.

The Bistro will retail for $39.99 and will be available in Mario Batali's signature orange color, as well as in black, chocolate, navy, red, and white. It will hit stores in late summer, 2007. We, ourselves, are not feeling the orange color vibe at all (we look terrible in orange) but do feel that the red or navy would work. And be comfy, of course.

Update: Batali reportedly ordered 200 pairs of his favorite orange Crocs before Crocs discontinued his favorite color.

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